God, who could rule the develooment kits and regulate a standard to develop it.

Spent one and half day to install the kits and make them compatible!!

Especially the Jennic one, abnormal, haha!

Anyway abnormal + abnormal = Make u crazy!

1. Install Jennic first;

2. Backup cygcygintl-8.dll first, install step 3 will remove it;

3. Install BSN with the path for cygwin in Jennic/cygwin;

4. Add System Path with C:\Jennic\cygwin\usr\local\mspgcc;C:\Jennic\cygwin\usr\local\mspgcc\bin;c:\Jennic\cygwin\bin;c:\Jennic\cygwin\opt\tinyos-1.x\tools\java;c:\Jennic\cygwin\opt\tinyos-1.x\tos; c:\Jennic\cygwin\opt\tinyos-1.x\tools\java\jars;

Do not use %TinyOSPath% variable like BSN said.